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Mission Statement

  Office of the Dean

College of Science and Engineering
Suite 102 Tucker Technology Center
2840 West Bowie Street
TCU Box 298960
Fort Worth, Texas 76129

Voice: 817.257.7727
Fax: 817.257.7736



Phil Hartman



J. Richard Rinewalt

Associate Dean for
Undergraduate Affairs


C. Magnus L. Rittby

Senior Associate Dean for
Administration and
Graduate Programs


Susan Dolce

Assistant to the Dean


Kathy Ferguson

Assistant to the Dean


Sabrina Hamilton

Administrative Assistant


Andrea Hein
Digital Content/Marketing Coordinator

  Valerie DeSantis
Assistant Dean for Development




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Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Science and Engineering is to support the mission of the University; to provide a quality and rigorous education in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering; to conduct an active program of research and discovery while integrating the teaching and research missions; and to provide for all students experiences that will facilitate their becoming and continuing to be scientifically and mathematically literate citizens.


Science and Engineering Research Center